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The information below is necessary for the continuous legitimate business and educational operation of Eastern Michigan University.

It is, and will be, maintained in compliance with applicable U.S. law, educational accrediting body requirements, and institutional policies and procedures.


General Financial Aid Forms

Authorization to Release FERPA Protected Information

Cost of Attendance Increase for Aviation Classes Request

Dependency Student Override (DSO) Request

Dependency Student Override (DSO) Renewal

Document Submission Form

Review of PLUS Approval

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

Scholarship Appeal Coversheet

Special Circumstances Appeal

Summer Aid Application

Teach Grant Application

MCE Appeal for Undergraduates

2023-2024 Maximum Credit Hours of Eligibility Appeal for Undergraduates [PDF]


Need to submit additional documents to the Financial Aid Office?

Do you need to submit additional tax forms or other financial aid documents? Click Document Submission Form to submit your documents. You will need to sign in with your Net ID and password, complete, sign, and submit. Once you submit, you will receive an email confirmation. Forms received and intended for other departments will not be reviewed.

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