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EMU Foundation

Our Staff

Leadership and Administration

    • Bill Shepard

      Bill Shepard

      Vice President for Advancement and Executive Director, EMU Foundation

      Email: bill.shepard@emich.edu

      Phone: 734.487.0296

    • jill

      Jill Hunsberger

      Associate Vice President for Advancement
      Email: jill.hunsberger@emich.edu

      Phone: 734.484.1322

    • Laura Wilbanks

      Laura Wilbanks (BBA88)

      Executive Director of Foundation Operations and Chief Financial Officer

      Email: laura.wilbanks@emich.edu

      Phone: 734.487.6540

    •  kelly Kelly Quilter (MS05)

      Chief Development Officer

      Email: kquilte1@emich.edu

      Phone: 734.487.0386 

    • Maria Cyars

      Maria Cyars

      Secretary to the Board of Trustees & VP; Building Administrator

      Email: mcyars@emich.edu

      Phone: 734.487.0078

    • damon

      Damon Rosenthal (BBA91)

      Director of Advancement Services & Analytics

      Email: drosent1@emich.edu
      Phone: 734.487.0165

Advancement Team 

Cherie Burkheiser (BBA00)
Gift Processing Coordinator
Email: cburkhei@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.6802
Britta Brown 
Assistant Athletic Director for Development
Email: bbrown97@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.8684
Tammie Cach-Abdu (BS98)
Senior Information Systems Data Specialist
Email: tcach@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.6825
Lisa Comben
Director of Development, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Email: lcomben@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.5546
Midge Elkins
Gift Processor
Phone: 734.487.6796
Janice Franklin
Senior Information Systems Data Specialist
Email: jfranklin1@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.6840
Jeff Guyton
Senior Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences
Email: jguyton1@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.0336
Sam Jensen (BBA78)
Director of Planned Giving
Email: ajensen2@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.5125
Cheryl Kernander
Director of Development, College of Business
Email: ckernand@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.4341
Dan McLean
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development
Email: dan.mclean@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.8236
Mia Milton (BS96, MS12)
Director of Engagement and Marketing
EMU Alumni Relations
Email: mmilton@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.0271
Donna Moffett
Data Integrity Coordinator
Email: dmoffet1@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.6845
Matt Mortier (BBA9, MA12)
Director of Donor Relations
Email: mmortier@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.6692
Maria Muller
Director of Development, College of Technology
Email: mmuller1@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.4700
Celia Murkowski (BBA05)
Assistant Director of Engagement
Email: cmurkows@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.5634
Jessica S. Nietrzeba (MS08)
Director of Engagement and Outreach
EMU Alumni Relations
Email: jnietrze@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.0264
Christa Reid
Director of Development, College of Education
Phone: 734.487.0496
Jill Rekuc
Accounting and Benefits Administrator
Email: jrekuc@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.6593
Dr. Connie Ruhl-Smith
Director of Development, International Relations
Email: cruhlsmith@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.5607
Annette Rurka (BS85)
Network Systems Administrator
Email: arurka@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.6899
Austen Smith (BS03)
Director of Integrated Marketing
Email: asmith6@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.6640
Sue Sutherland
Prospect Research Manager
Email: ssutherla1@emich.edu
Phone: 734.487.6903

EMU Foundation is located at 112 Welch Hall, 850 W. Cross St., Ypsilanti, MI, USA 48197 Phone: 734.484.1322