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Haley Moraniec combats hunger on campus

The social work major and Swoop's Student Food Pantry founder challenges the EMU community to step up to the plate and fill the pantryHaley Moraniec

Food insecurity among Eastern Michigan University students has become an acknowledged issue on campus. Students have expressed their concerns to trusted advisors, professors, and staff members. While many individuals have lent personal support, EMU social work major Haley Moraniec believes the need is such that a sustainable campus resource to provide these students with temporary assistance is a necessity.

"Lack of food and hunger are unfortunate realities for some of our students," said Moraniec. "Instead of focusing on their studies, they're worried about where their next meals will come from. Ensuring that students’ basic needs are met is vital to their success. Swoop’s Student Food Pantry will provide a resource for currently-enrolled students in need of temporary assistance."

Taking a page from other Michigan universities, including Michigan State and the University of Michigan, Moraniec formulated the plans for Swoop's Student Food Pantry. Operated by the School of Social Work, the pantry will be housed on the third floor of the Marshall Building and will be open at varying hours to accommodate student schedules. "Marshall is easily accessible, but the third floor is primarily office space, providing a level of discretion," said Moraniec. "There's also adequate space for storage and refrigeration."

The pantry will be staffed by student volunteers who will undergo training in safe food handling, the importance of confidentiality, and proper health procedures. (The training also stresses the importance of social activism.) In addition to food, Swoop's Student Food Pantry will provide referrals to campus and community resources to meet emergency and non-food needs.

Food Pantry volunteersMoraniec is counting on the support of alumni, donors, and friends to make the food pantry a sustainable success. "Generous sponsorship from Food Gatherers has helped open our doors, but we'll need support from the EMU community and our donors and friends to keep our shelves stocked this fall," she said. The pantry will accept physical food donations (coordinators will be required to check food expiration dates and to comply with any health and safety regulations); however, financial support is greatly appreciated.

"As a current EMU student, I experience the significance of gifts from EMU alumni and friends firsthand," said Moraniec. "All gifts make an impact, but a gift to Swoop’s Student Food Pantry makes an immediate, tangible difference to the EMU students forced to worry about the basic comforts that so many of us take for granted. Your gift will be felt every day. We can’t do this without you!"

Swoop’s Student Food Pantry opens its doors September 21.            

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