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Benjamin White

Benjamin White is a senior majoring in elementary education and special education at Eastern Michigan University. He is the recipient of the Brehm Scholarship, the Leadership Award and the Recognition of Excellence Award.

“The Brehm Scholarship has been a tremendous honor and has opened doors I never considered,” says White. “I have been able to start an original research project that I want to revisit as I continue towards an advanced degree.”

White has also had an opportunity to plan a conference that features presenters from several states in the Midwest. “I believe that the ‘Connecting the Dots: Building Inclusive Societies’ conference has the potential to become an annual event celebrating the successes in education.”

He was also the recipient of the Leadership Award Scholarship and the Recognition of Excellence Award at the same time. “Having the University recognize the effort that I put into my non-classroom educational involvement was rewarding…knowing that I could put in countless hours outside the classroom and still maintain a high grade point average was a testament to my commitment to education.”

Outside of the classroom, White participates in a multitude of organizations, including participating on the Student Council for Exceptional Children, membership in Phi Delta Kappa and the Brehm Alumni Association. He also is a member of the Michigan Council for Exceptional Children and was appointed as the student representative for the National Council for Exceptional Children.

White has had previous experience in education as a para-educator, having watched how effective teams work to support students with disabilities in various school settings. “I know there are many ways to support both general and special education teachers, and eventually I would like to tackle one of those support functions”.

White has aspirations to hopefully stay within Michigan and to teach students in various grade levels with disabilities in a school that supports inclusive practices.

White is expected to graduate in Spring 2014, with plans to begin his career as a special education teacher.

Benjamin White

Ben hopes to teach students with disabilities after graduating from EMU.

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