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Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers has a goal to uncover the past.

Rogers, a recent graduate who studied anthropology, conservation and resource use, received the Recognition of Excellence Scholarship and the Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology Endowed Scholarship Award while at Eastern Michigan University.

“These scholarships have helped me a significant amount,” states Rogers. “Being a full-time student, I was limited financially, so the money helped me pay the costs beyond tuition, fees and books.”

Rogers had completed his general education requirements at Oakland Community College before pursuing EMU. Initially, he had wanted to study economics and anthropology, but discovered that his true passion was in anthropology. “In anthropology, we study humankind, past and present, and in the conservation and resource minor, I was able to take many courses in relating to the environment; I was able to learn about how humans have interacted with the environment, and I was able to perceive a greater understanding of how the world’s ecosystems function around us.”

His ambition for the field has led Rogers to present several research expositions at the 2013 Undergraduate Symposium; “A History of Archaeological Thought on the Hopewell”—which led Rogers to observe a study that examines research on different archaeological perspectives on the prehistoric Hopewell culture of North America, suggesting that archaeologists played a significant role in theoretical trends over time.

“Attempted Assimilation of Native American Children”, which explored the significance of an assimilation policy in 1879 that would force Native American children into boarding schools, and the significance the policy held in attempt to destroy the identity, language, and culture of Native American people. Rogers observes the result of the physical, emotional and psychological abuse led to problems that are still existent today.

Rogers will be presenting another exhibition based on the Archaeology Field School and Artifacts Analysis class he participated in, titled “Analysis of Prehistoric Activities at Site 20WN37: Findings from the EMU Archaeology Field School.”

Now that Rogers has completed his degree, he plans on doing volunteer work and studying for the GRE. “I plan on attending graduate school and pursuing a job in the field of cultural resource management,” states Rogers.

Rogers’ goal is to become an anthropology professor teaching archaeology and cultural anthropology.

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Mark Rogers has a goal to uncover the past.

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