Student Housing Planning


As the University plans for the future, a comprehensive review of on-campus student housing has been underway since 2018. The overall objective is to improve EMU's student housing facilities to ensure that student residents have access to quality housing that promotes academic and personal success. 

The University is committed to conducting this process transparently. Since 2018, the University has sought feedback from, and engaged extensively with, the University Budget Council (UBC), Faculty Senate, Student Government, and other campus stakeholders. Many data were generated and analyzed. The University’s conclusions about next steps are outlined in this comprehensive report

Next Steps

The level of future investment necessary in order to renovate and maintain Eastern’s student housing and align it with student demand is significant—the details are included in the Housing Report.

Given these realities, the University issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to assess whether a third-party partner could add value to this process. This allows the University to gauge the level of interest and potential outside investment.

An RFQ review committee—which included individuals from University Budget Council, Faculty Senate, Housing & Residence Life, Facilities & Operations, Academic & Student Affairs, Business & Finance and other areas—reviewed responses to the RFQ.  In April 2021, the review committee submitted to President Smith a list of four firms that would be invited to submit more information if the University elects to proceed in this process. More details about the RFQ process are outlined in the Housing Report. 

As outlined in the Housing Report, President Smith has decided to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the four firms recommended by the RFQ review committee. That process began in June 2021. More details about the RFP process are outlined in the Housing Report.

More details about the request for proposals can be found in the Aug. 3, 2021 news release. 


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