What is GameAbove?

GameAbove is a group of dedicated Eastern Michigan University alumni with various academic and professional backgrounds. The group has provided an initial $3.5 million gift to the University (see EMU Today news release) to support faculty development as well as the academic and program needs of current and future students. The cash gift provides the platform for two new initiatives: “Faculty First” and “Students Matter Most.”

GameAbove has subsequently announced additional gifts. On Dec. 11, it detailed a $500,000 gift to support Ozone House and its work in the community and in support of Eastern students; on Dec. 13, it announced an $8 million gift to provide 100 percent construction funding and 12 years of operations for a new golf facility; and, on Dec. 15, the group announced the purchase of Quick Lane Bowl tickets as a gift to all students graduating at the December Commencement ceremony. 

About the Team

GameAbove is a team of passionate Eastern Michigan University alumni who desire to make a difference for the University. The team includes a diverse group from all ages and backgrounds including former EMU student-athletes, current entrepreneurs and successful businesspeople, and Hall of Famers and select EMU coaches. 

GameAbove Initiatives