Alumni Pay-it-Forward Fund

Message from GameAbove to graduating students and incoming fall freshmen at Eastern Michigan University

EMU commencement group.While COVID-19 continues to disrupt life around the globe, new college graduates and incoming college freshmen face unimaginable circumstances. During these times, having support as you enter post-graduation or begin your college experience with so many unknowns can make a world of difference. Most importantly, help from your fellow alumni.

That is why GameAbove has announced the Alumni Pay-it-Forward fund that will donate $2,000,000 to support you. The gift will be provided to two important populations: 1) All April 2020 graduates, undergraduate and graduate, will receive a gift of nearly $600* without obligations or restrictions regarding eligibility or use; and, 2) All incoming first-year full-time students who enroll and take classes in the fall semester will receive gifts of $400.

GameAbove is a group of EMU alumni that has donated more than $13 million to support a variety of initiatives at the university. Of all our support, we are most proud of the Students Matter Most initiative. We at GameAbove were once students at the great university that you call home. We learned in the same lecture halls and developed lasting friendships in the same residence halls that you did. We understand what it means to be a student at EMU and because of that, it is in our mission to assist students. We hope that as you go out and conquer greatness as proud EMU alumni, you remain connected to the university and one day, pay-it-forward to the students and graduates that will carry the block E into the future.

(*Note: Income tax rules limit GameAbove to individual gifts of $599 or less.) 

Here's how the gift to April 2020 graduates will be distributed

  • The GameAbove Alumni-Pay-it-Forward fund is available to April 2020 graduates only.
  • The $599 gift will be deposited from the fund into the EMU student account of each April graduate (undergraduate and graduate students included).
  • April 2020 graduates will have the choice to withdraw the $599 gift in full, or use it, or any portion thereof, to pay any expenses owed the University.
  • The gift also can be directed to further education at Eastern Michigan, should the graduate wish to pursue a graduate or advanced degree.
  • In order to process the gift, the University must have the student's social security number.
  • Students who have not provided the University with a social security number will be contacted by Student Business Services with instructions on how to receive their Alumni Pay-it-Forward gift deposit.
  • Alumni Pay-it-Forward funds will be available to April graduates through the individual student's customary linked transaction account.
  • Gifts will be deposited in student accounts by Friday, May 8, 2020.
  • If April graduates have any questions, please contact Student Business Service at [email protected].

The distribution plan for new full time, first year freshmen students will be announced at a later date.

“Graduation is about celebrating great efforts, hard work and goals accomplished,” said Keith J. Stone, a GameAbove advisory board member and EMU graduate. “This special graduating class deserves this recognition and our full attention. The current pandemic has already tested their resolve to deal with very challenging times in our world of fear and loss. This life experience will certainly strengthen their lives forever as they move forward, seeking new hope and lasting successes beyond our wildest imagination.

“We need to champion the efforts of this graduating glass and encourage their vision to help others along the way,” Stone continued. “We also want to provide a level of support and confidence to those incoming freshmen who will pursue a college degree at a premier university and realize the added support that GameAbove has for them.”

See the GameAbove Alumni Pay-it-Forward news release for more information

The GameAbove Advisory Board has also expressed their congratulations to the new group of graduates through a special video message. View the video message