About General Education

The program is designed to unfold in phases for each student as they move toward degree completion. The program provides foundational courses, which are the building blocks of life long learning and success in other courses. It provides an opportunity for exploration, where students come into contact with ideas, traditions, disciplines, and skills which can extend beyond ones they even knew existed. In this phase, students often discover the major that truly inspires them, or the idea that brings together their goals or identity. As students move toward the completion of their major, the final phase of the general education program becomes most salient. In this final phase, students find new pathways to integrate ideas with those of their research core, creating opportunities for transformational knowledge production. Also, general education courses permit a student to differentiate their learning from the others in their research core, transforming them into members of their community with unique skills, knowledge, and abilities. Which courses will be foundational, exploratory, or integrative and differentiating depends on their prior learning, their pathway toward degree completion, and, ultimately, what they want their degree to do for them as they head into their unscripted future!

Staff Listing


  • Dr. W. John Koolage

Graduate Assistants

  • Zoe VanAuken
  • Natalie Anderson

Faculty Fellows (2021-2022)

  • Dr. Stephanie Casey
  • Dr. Amy Johnson
  • Dr. Laura McMahon
  • Dr. You Li
  • Dr. Stephen Jefferson
  • Dr. Jenny Kindred
  • Dr. Brooke Dagnan
  • Dr. Rita Shah

Committees & Chairs

  • GE Advisory Council, Dr. W. John Koolage
  • Subcommittee for Assessment, Drs. You Li and Laura McMahon
  • Subcommittee for Student Success, Dr. Dennis O'Grady
  • Subcommittee for Teaching and Learning, Dr. Amy Johnson
  • Subcommittee for Writing Intensive Vetting, Dr. Angela Staples
  • Subcommittee for Course Vetting, Dr. John McCurdy
  • Subcommittee for Integrative and Applied Learning, Dr. Jenny Kindred


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