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General Education Program
344 McKenny Hall

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Interim Director

Dr. W. John Koolage

Graduate Assistants

Morgen Barroso
Sarah Bruckler

Faculty Fellows (Fall 2019)

Dr. Stephanie Casey

Dr. Laura McMahon

Dr. Keon Pettiway

Dr. Jenny Kindred

Dr. Amy Johnson

Dr. Logen Bearden


Faculty Fellows (Fall 2018)

Dr. Maria Milletti
Dr. Stephanie Casey
Dr. Brenden Fay
Dr. Jenny Kindred
Dr. Keon Pettiway
Dr. Katherine Ryker



Bridging Our Divides

Bridging Our Divides is a campus dialogue series. The goal is to explore a number of pressing issue regarding communication, community, and student learning across a wider range of stakeholders.

The series is funded in part by a grant from the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). There are examples of work done with similar grants.

The dialogues are structured and run using a jigsaw sharing model and the Intergroup Dialogue approach.

Mini-Grant Application

Our grant was built with an opportunity for dialogue participants to persue actionable items that result from the dialog. As a result, dialogue participants can apply for a subsidary grant.

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