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General Education Program

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General Education Program FAQ

Q: What is the General Education Program?

A: Eastern Michigan University's General Education Program consists of five different sections, the details of which can be found in the catalog. Our General Education Program provides students with a comprehensive educational experience and prepares them for study within their major. General Education teaches students to think critically and communicate effectively; it provides an introduction to the methodologies and practices of the academic disciplines; and it promotes intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.

Q: What if English is not my first language?

A: ESL students may take ESLN 412 Academic Writing or a transferred equivalent; all other students must successfully complete WRTG 121 Composition II: Researching the Public Experience or a transferred equivalent.

Q: What if I scored highly on the English section of the ACT or SAT?

A: Students with an ACT English sub-score of 29 or higher, or an SAT Verbal sub-score of 670 or higher, are waived from the WRTG 121 requirement.

Q: What if I have AP credit in English or Literature?

A: Scoring at least a 3 on the English Language AP test will award credit equivalent to WRTG 121. Scoring at least a 3 on the English Literature AP Test will award credit for LITR 100; this credit may be used for one of the two required Humanities courses in Area IV of the Gen Ed requirements, but is not equivalent to WRTG 121.

Q: Is MATH 110 the only course that satisfies the Quantitative Reasoning Requirement?

A: It depends; students with a 23 or higher on the ACT Math portion or a 580 or higher on the SAT Math section or a 53 or higher on the Math Placement Exam or students with credit for MATH 104 with a grade of C or better qualify for a choice of courses to satisfy the QR requirement. Students with a 28+ on the ACT or a 670+ on the SAT or a 93+ on the Math Placement Test have the QR requirement waived.

More information can be found in the catalog.

Q: What if I have transferred a Math course from another university that appears on the QR Choice list, but my test scores do not support the QR Choice and I do not have credit for MATH 104 with a C or better?

A: If the course was transferred to EMU, you may request consideration for the QR requirement, but approval is not guaranteed. Email generaleducation@emich.edu to request a formal substitution.

Q: Which courses satisfy the Perspectives on a Diverse World Requirement?

A: Information on this area of the Gen Ed requirements may be found in the catalog. Students admitted to EMU as freshman must complete one course in the Global Awareness section and in the US Diversity section. However, students with a "transfer" admit status, students with a "re-enrollee" admit status, students that were "dual-enrolled" at another institution during high school, and students with a DD214 (honorable discharge) on file are only required to complete one course in either section.

Q: Can I take just any course in the Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, or Social Sciences to satisfy the Gen Ed requirements in the Knowledge of the Disciplines?

A: No, only certain courses have been approved for the General Education program. The course lists may be found in the catalog.

Q: I have transferred a course that I believe meets the spirit of EMU's General Education program, but it is not noted as such on my transcript.

A: Certain transferred courses may be considered as acceptable substitutes for the approved General Education courses. You may request a formal course substitution by emailing generaleducation@emich.edu, but understand that approval is not guaranteed.

Q: If my courses have different prefixes, may I use two from the same department in a single section of the Knowledge of the Disciplines requirements?

A: Yes; for example, CTAR and CTAT are different prefixes from the same department (Theater), so you may use CTAR 150 and CTAT 145 as the two courses in the Arts.

Q: What if my two courses have the same prefix?

A: In each section of the Knowledge of the Disciplines Gen Ed requirements, you must choose two courses with different prefixes. For example, you may use ARTE 220 and ARTH 100 as your two courses in the Arts, but you may not use ARTS 105 and ARTS 106 because those two courses have identical prefixes.

Q: What about Languages other than Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish?

A: EMU sometimes offers additional introductory language courses under the prefix FLAN, such as Korean or Arabic; any introductory class in a currently spoken language may be considered as a substitution for the approved Humanities course. Email the General Education department at generaleducation@emich.edu with your request.

Q: I transferred a PSY 101 equivalent course to EMU; does this count as a course in the Natural Sciences?

A: It depends. If your PSY 101 transferred course was 4 or more credit hours, then yes, that is a complete course in the Natural Sciences. If your transferred PSY 101 equivalent was for 3 or fewer credit hours, you must still complete the one-credit-hour lab portion of that course (PSY 103).

Q: What if I have AP credit for Psychology?

A: AP Psychology will typically transfer in as a 3-credit-hour PSY 101 course, and will require the 1-credit-hour lab (PSY 103) to satisfy one full course in the Natural Sciences.

Q: What if I transferred in a 3-hr PSY 101 but I already have two other Natural Sciences?

A: In some situations, a transferred PSY 101 may be substituted for a course in the Social Sciences. Submit your course substitution request to generaleducation@emich.edu. Remember that these requests are not guaranteed to be approved and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. In no case may you use PSY 101 taken here at EMU as one of your Social Science courses.

Q: What is the "Writing Intensive" requirement? May I take any course designated as "writing intensive" to fulfill this requirement?

A: Each major program at Eastern Michigan University has at least one writing intensive course as part of its requirements for graduation. The course will be designated with a "W" at the end of the course number. For example: WGST 300W. You must take the writing intensive course required by your major in order to graduate from EMU. Requests for a course substitution should be directed to your major program advisor.

Q: What if I'm a double major? Do I have to take two "writing intensive" courses?

A: Probably. The General Education Program requires successful completion of at least one writing intensive course in your major; however, each major program includes a writing intensive course as part of that program's requirements. You must seek approval from the relevant department if you'd like to apply for a waiver of that program's requirements.

Q: Why didn't my course from another institution transfer to EMU?

A: It could be one of several reasons.

  • In order to receive transfer credit, you must have earned a grade of C or better in the course.
  • Additionally, the course must be at the 100-level or higher.
  • Check with the Office of Records and Registration if you believe your transferred course qualifies for credit.
  • Your transcript from the previous institution may have been recently requested, not yet received, or not yet processed by EMU; check with your previous institution first, and then contact Records and Registration if you believe your transcript should have been processed.
  • If the transferred course is on your transcript but is not counting as a General Education requirement, you can request a course substitution from the General Education department by speaking with your academic advisor or emailing generaleducation@emich.edu.
  • No course of one credit hour will be considered for a General Education requirement.

Q: Once I've enrolled at EMU, can I take courses at another institution?

A: Absolutely. However, once you have received a status of "degree admit," no course taken at another institution that is not a direct equivalent to an EMU General Education approved course may be considered for special consideration as a course substitution. For more information on direct equivalencies of EMU courses, see our Transfer Course Information page.

Q: What if I'm a transfer student? Do I have to satisfy all General Education requirements?

A: No; transfer students must fulfill all General Education requirements with two exceptions:

  • As a transfer student, EMU assumes that you will have had some Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) experience before your admission here. Therefore, transfer students must only complete one LBC, but it must be completed after they have been enrolled here at EMU.
  • You also need only one course in the Perspectives on a Diverse World section, so that course may be from either the Global Awareness or U.S. Diversity approved course lists.

Q: I have a satisfied MACRAO agreement from another institution. Do I have to fulfill EMU's General Education requirements?

A: Students with a fulfilled articulation agreement or with a MACRAO stamp will be considered to have satisfied most of EMU's General Education requirements. These students must also complete an approved Quantitative Reasoning course, one course from either the Global Awareness or U.S. Diversity approved course lists, and one LBC experience.

Q: I have satisfied an articulation agreement or MACRAO but it's not showing up on my transcript. Why?

A: If you were working on that agreement or MACRAO while enrolled at EMU, you must request a new transcript from the other institution to be sent to EMU for us to apply your new graduation requirements.

Q: I'm working on a MACRAO or articulation agreement with another institution; can I still complete it?

A: Absolutely. You may complete the provisos of the MACRAO or articulation agreement while enrolled at EMU, just remember to request a new transcript from the other institution when you're done.

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