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General Education Program
344 McKenny Hall

All General Inquires:



Interim Director

Dr. W. John Koolage

Graduate Assistants

Morgen Barroso
Sarah Bruckler

Faculty Fellows (Fall 2019)

Dr. Stephanie Casey

Dr. Laura McMahon

Dr. Keon Pettiway

Dr. Jenny Kindred

Dr. Amy Johnson

Dr. Logen Bearden


Faculty Fellows (Fall 2018)

Dr. Maria Milletti
Dr. Stephanie Casey
Dr. Brenden Fay
Dr. Jenny Kindred
Dr. Keon Pettiway
Dr. Katherine Ryker



The General Education Guiding Principle


In an effort to deepen our commitment to being a learner centered resource:

If a student reaches our department with a question or problem and we cannot help, we will: 

  • Guide that student through the necessary process(es) AND 

  • Facilitate contact with the relevant department or staff member AND

  • Continue to follow up with that student until a resolution has been reached


While we cannot always advocate on the student's behalf, nor can we guarantee a successful resolution, we will ensure that an answer is found. 

For more information on our Guiding Principle and how you can implement a similar policy in your office or department, contact us.

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