Eastern Michigan University

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Faculty and Staff


  • Dr. W. John Koolage

Graduate Assistants

  • Lauren Williams
  • Vee Kennedy

Faculty Fellows (Fall 2019)

  • Dr. Stephanie Casey
  • Dr. Laura McMahon
  • Dr. Matt Cook
  • Dr. Dennis O'Grady
  • Dr. Amy Johnson
  • Dr. Nick Romerhausen

General Education Program

101 Boone

The General Education Guiding Principle


In an effort to deepen our commitment to being a learner centered resource:

If a student reaches our department with a question or problem and we cannot help, we will: 

  • Guide that student through the necessary process(es) AND 

  • Facilitate contact with the relevant department or staff member AND

  • Continue to follow up with that student until a resolution has been reached


While we cannot always advocate on the student's behalf, nor can we guarantee a successful resolution, we will ensure that an answer is found. 

For more information on our Guiding Principle and how you can implement a similar policy in your office or department, contact us.

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