Learning Beyond the Classroom

Eastern Michigan University's General Education Program includes a commitment to student learning by offering a number of ways to connect the learning that happens in classrooms around campus and the learning that happens beyond EMU's walls. These connections are the building blocks of lifelong learning and the fertile ground for the development of personal and community projects. 

Learning beyond the classroom presents the opportunity for truly transformative experiences, including discovering new projects, bringing personal ambitions to fruition, engaging community networks, and exploring and developing one's identity.

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LBC Questions and Answers

  • What is LBC - Learning Beyond the Classroom?

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    Part of the Gen Ed requirements asks students to participate in Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) experiences. We think this is important because a university education is about more than just classes. Students involved in activities outside of the classroom have higher retention rates and more positive education experiences.

    How will LBC benefit you? Learning Beyond the Classroom encourages you to:

    • Obtain hands-on experiences,
    • Gain important skills for future professions,
    • Bridge classroom knowledge with out-of-classroom experiences.

    This is great because you can actually fulfill graduation requirements with your involvement in student life outside the classroom, where a lot of your learning happens in college.

  • What types of activities count for the LBC requirement?

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    A wide variety of activities count for LBC, everything from Marching Band participation to planning a committee for a major campus event, from leadership camps to theatre performances. There are also a large number of classes that count towards the LBC requirements if you prefer a classroom experience. See the LBC section in the online catalog for a complete list of options. 

    Credit-bearing courses taken to satisfy the LBC requirements will appear on your audit in U.Achieve. To check your non-credit course LBC entries: 

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click on the Student tab
    3. Click on the Student Services tab
    4. Select the "Student Records" link
    5. Select the "Supplemental Advising Information" link, your LBC entries will show up here.

    If you see LB1, LB2, L3P, LB4, LB5, or LB6, you have completed that LBC group requirement. If you see one or more entries of LB3 or L3A, these are events from LBC Group 3. You must have eight events to complete this LBC group. 

    If you believe your LBC entries are not correct, contact the General Education department at [email protected].