Eastern Michigan University

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Faculty and Staff

Interim Director

  • Dr. W. John Koolage

Graduate Assistants

  • Morgen Barroso
  • Sarah Bruckler

Faculty Fellows (Fall 2019)

  • Dr. Stephanie Casey
  • Dr. Laura McMahon
  • Dr. Keon Pettiway
  • Dr. Jenny Kindred
  • Dr. Amy Johnson
  • Dr. Logen Bearden

Faculty Fellows (Fall 2018)

  • Dr. Maria Milletti
  • Dr. Stephanie Casey
  • Dr. Brenden Fay
  • Dr. Jenny Kindred
  • Dr. Keon Pettiway
  • Dr. Katherine Ryker

General Education Program
344 McKenny Hall

Writing Intensive Course Inclusion

Please follow these steps to submit a writing intensive course to be considered for inclusion in the General Education program.

  1. Complete the Writing Intensive course inclusion form
  2. Seek departmental/school input and have DH/SC sign inclusion form
  3. Submit electronic copy and signed hard copy to Dean's Office
  4. Dean's Office signs inclusion form and forwards electronic copy and signed hard copy to the Course & Program Development Office
  5. Select one option:
    1. If an existing course, the Course & Program Development Office submits electronic copy to Chair of the Writing Intensive (WI) subcommittee and forwards signed hard copy to the General Education Program Director
    2. If a new course, the Course & Program Development Office holds the Gen Ed course inclusion form until course becomes officially approved through the university input system
  6. The Writing Intensive subcommittee reviews the course inclusion form and submits feedback to the author
  7. Once approved by the Writing Intensive subcommittee, the course is reviewed for approval by the General Education Advisory Council, who in turn, forwards to the Provost's office for final approval
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