Oral Examination Requirement

The following are guidelines for the Oral Examination required for graduation by each student in the graduate Planning program.

Step 1

The student shall select three faculty members, or two faculty members and one external reviewer, of his/her choice and shall contact each to set a common time and date for the oral examination.

Step 2

At the appointed time, the three reviewers will meet with the student for approximately one hour and ask the student questions of their choosing. The questions generally should be based on information covered in courses in the student's Program of Study.

Step 3

If the student satisfies the reviewers, notice will be given to the Records office by one of the faculty reviewers of successful completion. If the student does not satisfy the reviewers, they will either ask the student to do additional work in the area(s) of weakness made apparent by the questioning or may require the student to take an additional course(s) and reapply for a second oral examination upon completion.