Procedures for Internships

The following are guidelines for internships in the planning undergraduate and graduate programs.

Internships are listed for four, five or six credits. A four-credit internship equates to a minimum of 300 hours of internship experience, five credits to 375 hours and six credits to 450 hours. You should select the credit number that meets these criteria. However, to save tuition costs you may register for a lower number of credits (e.g., four credits instead of six) if you don't need the extra credits. Note: you must contact a faculty advisor prior to registering for internship credit.

Current or recent work experience may count toward the hours required. Dr. Khan will determine whether such experience meets the criteria of being planning-related experience based on information provided by you and your internship job supervisor.

To document your internship, you will need to fill out an “Internship contract” available from Dr. Khan. Once the contract is approved, students will be given permission to register for internship credits.

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