MLK 2020 Celebration - President's Luncheon and Humanitarian Award

On January 20, 2020, EMU hosted its 34th annual MLK President's Luncheon. EMU students, staff, faculty, state legislators, and members of the community gathered to celebrate and honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Governor Whitmer was awarded the 2020 MLK Humanitarian Award for her leadership, determination, and consistency in creating long-lasting opportunities for the people in Michigan. Since being sworn into office, Governor Whitmer has put together the most diverse cabinet in the history of the State of Michigan. She has dedicated her career to ending discrimination in state government and solving the problems that the people of Michigan face on a daily basis. She exemplifies the leadership and courage that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had for justice to become the reality that we currently live today.

Eastern Michigan University is very proud to honor Governor Gretchen Whitmer as the 2020 MLK Humanitarian Award winner.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer accepts 2020 MLK Humanitarian Award

2019 EMU Day in Lansing

On March 19, 2019, the Government Relations Office hosted EMU Day in Lansing, where groups of EMU Faculty, staff, students, and alumni met with state legislators regarding pressing issues of the state and EMU. This year, 57 meetings took place with state legislators and their staffs, and 58 Eastern Michigan students, faculty, staff, and alumni volunteered for the day. 

  • - During EMU Day in Lansing, Representative Joe Tate engaged in discussions with members from the EMU community that came to meet with him in Lansing. From left to right: EMU student Marisa Salice, EMU staff member Lauren Soli, Student Body Vice President Ethan Smith, and Mike Wise, EMU Assistant Director of Veteran Services.

  • - EMU Faculty member, Dr. Perry Francis, engaged Representative Mark Huizenga during a meeting that took place for EMU Day in Lansing, joined by EMU alumni and staff member, Matt Mortier and EMU student Talia Edgar.

  • - Assistant Professor of Finance, Jodonnis Rodriguez, met with local EMU Representative Ronnie Peterson during EMU Day in Lansing.

  • - Local Representative Yousif Rabhi sported his EMU mug during EMU’s Day in Lansing.

  • - EMU student Elise Velez met with Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo during EMU Day in Lansing.

  • - After performing at EMU Day in Lansing, the EMU choir posed in the Capitol Building Rotunda for a picture with Swoop and EMU President, Dr. Jim Smith.

  • - EMU President, Dr. Jim Smith, posed with Representative Cara Clemente during the EMU Day in Lansing luncheon.

  • - EMU Student Body President Candice Crutcher and Student Body Vice President Ethan Smith posed with Swoop during the EMU Day in Lansing luncheon.

  • - Representative Tenisha Yancey had her photo taken with EMU student Cyril Yancey and Swoop during the EMU Day in Lansing luncheon.


2018 EMU Day in Lansing

  • - The EMU Choir performs during EMU Day in Lansing in the Capitol’s Rotunda, led by Choir Director, Brandon Johnson.

  • - Student Alexa Cooley, Alumna Annette Johnson, and Student Body Vice President Larry Borum engage in a discussion with Michigan’s legislators at EMU Day in Lansing.

  • - President James Smith and Representative Ronnie D. Peterson pose with Swoop at the EMU Day in Lansing Luncheon.

  • - Representative Tenisha Yancey, EMU Alumna, and Swoop get their photo taken together during the EMU Day in Lansing Luncheon.

  • - The EMU Choir smiles as they finish their premier performance for EMU Day in Lansing with President James Smith.

  • - Representative Jeff Noble smiles for a photo with Swoop during EMU Day in Lansing.

  • - Representative Joseph N. Bellino, Jr. talks with EMU student, Larry Borum, and EMU staff member Malverne Winborne during a meeting for EMU Day in Lansing.

MLK 2019 Celebration - President's Luncheon and Humanitarian Award

On Monday, January 21, 2019 EMU students, faculty, staff, members from our local community, and state legislators came together for the annual MLK President's Luncheon at the Student Center. This year's keynote address was delivered by CNN political commentator Keith Boykin who spoke briefly at the luncheon, with a longer address following the event.

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell was also present at this year's luncheon, as she was recognized for EMU's 2019 MLK Humanitarian Award. Congresswoman Dingell represents the 12th district of Michigan in the United States House of Representatives, which includes the cities of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, and much of southern Wayne County. As a distinguished public servant and unwavering advocate for families, women and children, she has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the State of Michigan and its citizens. EMU was proud to honor Congresswoman Dingell as this year's MLK Humanitarian Award winner.

  • - Congresswoman Debbie Dingell gives speech after receiving the 2019 MLK Humanitarian Award from Eastern Michigan University.

President Smith Visits State Capitol

  • - President Smith presents Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield with an plaque recognizing his commitment to Cyber Security at EMU

  • - President Smith presents Senator Adam Hollier with an EMU Football helmet during a recent trip to Lansing.

  • - President Smith poses for a picture with local legislators during a trip to Lansing in 2018. From left to right, former State Representative Adam Zemke, Representative Donna Lasinski, Representative Yousef Rabhi, President Smith, and Representative Ronnie Peterson.

  • - Senator Jim Stamas visits campus and is given a tour of the College of Technology. Featured in this photo from left to right, Dean Qatu, Dr. Emad Tanbour, Senator Jim Stamas, and President Smith.


Campus Visit with the Detroit Leadership Academy

On Friday, November 16th, 2018 the EMU Government Relations Office was pleased to host a group of juniors and seniors from the Detroit Leadership Academy with former State Representative Derrick Hale for a campus visit. The day included a tour of our EMU Athletics facilities, Admissions Center presentation and tour, and a luncheon with special visits from Swoop, EMU student leader Ethan Smith, and Dr. Doris Fields, Director of Undergraduate Studies here at EMU.