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Kellie Nadler

Rhyme and reason

Writing award winner focuses on female subjectivity

Creative Writing student Kellie Nadler has been named this year's recipient of the Writing Award given by the Department of English Language and Literature.

Nadler is a native of Oxford, Ohio, and earned a BA in English at Miami University before coming to Eastern in August of 2012. She said she chose EMU because she "fell in love with the creative writing program" after one of her undergrad professors suggested she look into it. Nadler writes mostly poetry and says she has been doing so since second grade.

Her most common subject is female subjectivity; she says, "I write poetry that's grappling with a stifled sense of subjectivity, the oversexed community, and the desire to break from so much self-censoring. I work in prose, poetry, and have recently started experimenting in the visual realm. Currently I am working on a project where I use self-help and horoscope texts to create wallpaper backgrounds for a series of prose poems." She counts Ariana Reines, Camille Roy, Kathy Acker, and Margaret Atwood among her favorite writers and says she is a "big fan of the artist Jenny Holzer."

Nadler is a member of the Temporal Arts Collective, a dynamic off-campus performance-oriented group of EMU-affiliated poets. She has had her poetry published in student magazines and is a contributing editor of BathHouse, affiliated with EMU's Creative Writing Program.

Nadler said she was excited to win the award and that it "feels great to get recognition." She credits Carla Harryman, Rob Halpern, and Christine Hume for supporting and influencing her, adding, "Being in a classroom with each one of them has been incredibly generative." Professor Carla Harryman says of her, "Kellie is a remarkably astute reader of literature and observer of culture, qualities reflected in her concise poetry and critical writing. She is an adventurous thinker and person: she delves deeply into what interests her. She has brought an incredible degree of energy and mindful creativity to Eastern in just a few months."

After finishing her MA, Nadler would like to enter a PhD program in English and Critical Theory. In the future she hopes to teach at the college level and become a published poet. - Lisa Walters

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