Other Scholarship Opportunities

Office of Michigan Public School Finance (MiPSF),

Graduate Research Assistants [PDF]

The Office of Michigan Public School Finance (MiPSF), led by Dr. Phillip Caldwell, II, at Eastern Michigan University seeks to explain racism's persistence specifically related to public school funding policy, practice, and educational disparities in Michigan. MiPSF is currently seeking Graduate Research Assistants to work with the team on several
components of the research project. The application is now available.

Stella and Rose Romanow Scholarships [PDF]

Library science in the 21st century is an interdisciplinary field drawing on and related to information science, education, historic preservation, information management, instructional design/learning theory and other fields taught at EMU.  The purpose of this scholarship is to support outstanding individuals engaged in the pursuit of managing, organizing, computer science and systems, classifying and disseminating information or cultural artifacts in libraries and related institutions/organizations. 

Tier I - Doctoral Student Fellowships
The fund supports tuition or stipends, generally in the range of $5,000–$12,000 per year.

Tier II - Master's/Specialist Student Stipends
A GPA of 3.2 or higher is generally expected.  The fund provides stipends, generally in the range of $1,000.00–$5000 per year.

Tier III - Undergraduate Incentive Grants
A GPA of 3.2 higher is generally expected.  The fund provides a stipend of $500–$1,500.

Emma Stevens Aging Research Award [PDF]

The Aging Studies Program has developed an award opportunity to support Eastern Michigan University student research in the field of aging. The purpose of this award is to provide financial support for a student who is conducting research in the area of dementia, Alzheimer's care or gerontology and to honor faculty members mentoring research at EMU.

Possible ways financial support can be used include, but are not limited to:

  • Research presentation at workshops or conferences
  • Participant payments
  • Transcription
  • Research software
  • Photocopies and other printing
  • Assessments

In order to be considered for the research award, a student must:

  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student at EMU who is conducting research in the aging field
  • Have identified a research mentor and submit a letter of support from that mentor with the application
  • Have a clearly developed research proposal and/or conference presentation acceptance documentation
  • Have a University Human Subjects Research Committee approval if research involves working with human participants
  • Attend the Aging Studies program Welcome Reception and Awards Ceremony in September of the year awarded where you and your faculty mentor will be honored
  • Submit a final summary upon completion of research and/or presentation that should include a project title, summary/abstract and discussion of how funds were spent; the student will deliver a short presentation to the Aging Studies Program faculty if possible.

Applications will be considered and evaluated on a rolling basis; please submit to Andrea Zakrasjek via email ([email protected]) at any time. Please be sure you include your name and "Aging Research Award Application" in the subject line of the email. Upon review of the application, awards will be determined by the Research Award Standing Committee until funding has been depleted and considered in the order received. This award fund typically has $1,000 available to fund research.

Please contact Dr. Zakrajsek if you have any questions regarding the research award process:

Andrea Zakrajsek
Director, Aging Studies Program
[email protected] 

The Aging Studies Program is part of the:

School of Health Sciences
313 Everett L. Marshall

Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research (GiAR) Program

Sigma Xi invites undergraduate and graduate students to apply for research grants from its Grants in Aid of Research (GIAR) program. The application portal is open starting today at www.sigmaxi.org/giar. The portal will close on October 1. Awards in this cycle will be dispersed in January 2021.

GIAR application deadlines are March 15 and October 1 each year. The program awards grants of up to $1,000 to students from most areas of the sciences and engineering. Larger grants are available for research related to astronomy and vision, and for vision-impaired students. 

The grants are used to cover travel expenses to and from a research site, or to help a student purchase non-standard laboratory equipment that is necessary to complete a specific research project. 

Laura Bassi Scholarship

The Laura Bassi Scholarship, which awards a total of $8,000 thrice per annum, was established by Editing Press in 2018 with the aim of providing editorial assistance to postgraduates and junior academics whose research focuses on neglected topics of study, broadly construed. The scholarships are open to every discipline and the next round of funding will be awarded in December 2020:
     Winter 2020
     Application deadline: 25 November 2020
     Results: 20 December 2020

All currently enrolled master’s and doctoral candidates are eligible to apply, as are academics in the first five years of their employment. Applicants are required to submit a completed application form along with their CV through the application portal by the relevant deadline. Further details, previous winners, and the application portal can be found at: 

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