Rick Rogers

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Full-Time Lecturer

History and Philosophy

707H Pray Harrold




  • Ph.D., University of Michigan

Interests and Expertise

Rogers has taught at EMU since 1992. His Ph.D. is in Near Eastern Religions. He has a BA in Philosophy and Classics from Calvin College and an MA in Early Christian Studies from the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University. Rogers is the world's foremost authority on the second-century Christian theologian, Theophilus of Antioch. Since the publication of his monograph (2000), Rogers has continued to refine his thought on this bishop and recently published an article in The Expository Times (2009) and a chapter in Early Christian Thinkers (2010). Rogers is a specialist in the Abrahamic traditions: the scriptures, origins, historical developments, theologies, rituals and ethics of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. His current research focuses on the conflict and dialogue among these Abrahamic communities.

Having previously worked at the University of Michigan, Albion College and Concordia College, Rogers has taught ten different courses at EMU and has had thousands of students in one basic-studies course, "The Comparative Study of World Religions." Rogers has published many pedagogical tools (anthologies, study guides and textbooks) for those courses. His 25 free podcast lectures on World Religions for iTunes University, created for his EMU online students, have been downloaded well over 100,000 times by a growing number of fans from around the world.


  • RLST 100 The Comparative Study of Religion
  • RLST / HIST 202 Religions in Conflict and Dialogue: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • HIST 303 History of American Religion
  • RLST / HIST 334 Early Christianity

Publications and Presentations

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  • “Theophilus of Antioch.” In Paul Foster, editor, Early Christian Thinkers: The Lives and Legacies of Twelve Key Figures (London: SPCK, 2010), Chapter 4: 52–67.
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