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Acta Cogitata: A Philosophy Journal

Acta Cogitata is a journal of philosophy dedicated to disseminating ideas and serious work in the discipline.  As well, it is dedicated celebrating the work and contribution to the field of students without advanced training in philosophy.

The journal listed with the Library of Congress, ISSN 2330-5118.

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Current Edition: ISSUE 4


The Purpose, Praxis, and Future of Academia: An Exploration of Fichtean Approaches to Education, by Eri Svenson

The Science of Communication: A Bayesian Account of Communication Strategy Selection, by Danielle Clevenger

No Soft Doctrine: Royce on the Problem of Evil, by Brandon Wright

Minds and Bodies: Early Modern Social Justice, by Clare Aine Keefer

Predicting the Truth: Overcoming Problems with Popper's Verisimilitude Through Model Selection Criteria, by K. Raleigh Hanson

Solving Frege's Substitution Puzzle: Analyzing it in Light of Descriptivism and Direct Reference Theory, by Ayesha Rehman

Searching for Ethics' Grounding: A Case for Moral Feeling and the Human Relationship to Nature, by Katie Coulter




On Sense Perception and Theory of Recollection in Phaedo, by Minji Jang

Folk Psychological Predictive Methods and Inductive Reasoning, by Rachel McCarthy

Neutrality's Much Needed Place in John Dewey's Two-Part Criterion for Democratic Education, by Taylor Wisneski

Knowledge is Knowing Frankenstein isn't the Monster, but Wisdom is Knowing Frankenstein is the Monster: An Exploration on Mankind and Monstrosity, by Alexandra Melnick

The Euthyphro Dilemma and Utilitarianism, by Mark Taylor



Defending Downward Causation Only to Bring it Back Down, by Michael Pratt

America's Schools: Separate and Unequal, by Christine Dickason

Knowledge, Language, and Nonexistent Entities, by Alex Hoffman

Fortunately, We May Not Have Time, by Alexis Liston

On the Logic of Evolution and the Vanity of Scientism, by Thomas E. Elliott



A Neglected Argument in "The Will to Believe," by Alexander M. Lawson

Queerness Without Binary, by Jeffrey Davis

The Ethical Character from Plato to James: Strict and Stable to Flexible, by Erga Lemish

The Claims of States to Cultural Property, by Zac Robbins



Acta Cogitata is dedicated to providing a venue for undergraduate authors of original philosophical papers to have their work reviewed and, possibly, published. Publication acknowledges the work of outstanding undergraduate authors, rewards their efforts, and provides a home for some thought-provoking projects. In line with this purpose, Acta Cogitata's authors retain their copyright so that they may continue to develop these projects. The journal, however, does not publish work that has previously been published elsewhere.

The journal accepts philosophical papers from all areas of philosophy and seeks to promote philosophical discourse in any area where such discourse may be illuminating.


The journal is published annually, in October.


Journal Editor: W. John Koolage


The History & Philosophy Department is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 701 Pray Harrold, 734.487.1018