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George H. Cassar


 701-J Pray-Harrold



Ph.D., McGill University

Professional Associations/Memberships

Representative Courses Taught

HIST 101 Western Civilization to 1648
HIST 102 Western Civilization, 1648 to World War II
HIST 332 Modern Europe 1815-1919
HIST 333 Europe since 1919


Interests and Expertise

Selected Publications

Kitchener as Proconsul of Egypt, 1911-1914. (Palgrave McMillan, 2016.)

Trial by Gas: The British Army at the Second Battle of Ypres. (
Potomac Books, 2014.)

Hell in Flanders Fields: Canadians at the Second Battle of Ypres
 (Dundurn Press, 2010).

Lloyd George at War, 1916-1918
 (Anthem Press, 2009).

Co-author, World History, compact 4th ed. (Belmont, Calif.: Thomson/Wadsworth, 2005).

Kitchener’s War: British Strategy from 1914 to 1916
 (Washington, D.C.: Brassey’s, 2004).

The Forgotten Front: The British Campaign in Italy, 1917-1918
 (London: Hambledon Press, 1998).

Asquith as War Leader
 (London: Hambledon Press, 1994).

Beyond Courage: The Canadians at the Second Battle of Pyres
 (Ottawa, Ont.: Oberon Press, 1985).

The Tragedy of Sir John French
 (Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1985).

Kitchener: Architect of Victory
 (London: Kimber, 1977).

The French and the Dardanelles: A Study of Failure in the Conduct of War
 (London: Allen and Unwin, 1971).