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Graduate Scholarships and Assistantships

Applications for scholarships have various due dates; read the individual description for information on applying. For information about graduate scholarships, contact Graduate Coordinator Dr. Ron Delph.

Graduate Assistantships

In addition to the Opperman Fellowships, the History Section annually awards several Graduate Assistantships to qualified students. Graduate Assistantships carry a cash stipend and cover the tuition for nine hours of graduate level course work. Students receiving an assistantship work as teaching and/or research assistants depending on the needs of the Section. Graduate Assistantships are awarded annually in May for the upcoming academic year.

Scholarships and Criteria

Opperman Fellowships in History

Awarded to a graduate student in History. Must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.5. Preference is given to students who are beginning their work in the M.A. program in History. Students who are interested in earning an M.A. in History before advancing on to the Ph.D. are especially encouraged to apply.

The recipient of this scholarship will receive a graduate assistantship for two academic years. This award carries a stipend of about $14,500 over the course of two years, and covers tuition for the 30 hours required for this degree. Support for research travel is available as the fellow begins work on the M.A. thesis, and a summer stipend of $2,500 will help
support the fellow as he or she works on the thesis over the summer. In addition, the Opperman Fellowship carries with it a $1000 stipend to cover the cost of attendance at an academic conference, at which the Opperman Fellow will present his or her own research.

The Opperman Fellowship will be awarded February 15 for the upcoming academic year.

Richard Henry "Hank" Abbott Memorial Endowed Scholarship

To be given to a full time graduate student in History.

Richard Davis Goff Endowed Scholarship

To be given to a graduate student in history who has selected the thesis option and who is in the process of completing his/her last 15 credit hours. The award is to cover the last 6 thesis hours based on in-state tuition. It is awarded to students based on the quality of their thesis proposal and History GPA. The thesis proposal must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator and is only awarded once per student. 

University- and College-Wide Awards

Additional scholarships may be found on the websites of the Provost, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School, the Office of Financial Aid, Campus Life, and the EMU Women’s Association.