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2017 Undergraduate Symposium Presentations

  • Our Self-Understanding Revealed through Contemporary Architecture
    Dylan Delikta
    Laura McMahon, faculty mentor
  • How Food Cooperatives are Helping Resolve Global Food Issues through Advocacy and Education
    Leaha Dotson
    Jill Dieterle, faculty mentor
  • The Kantian Solution to Hegel’s Primitive Problems of Mutual Recognition
    Hailey Hawes
    Laura McMahon, faculty mentor
  • Subjectivity and Mutuality: Feminist Theology in Film
    Aine Keefer
    Margaret Crouch, faculty mentor
  • Homonormativity: The New “Hetero” in Cinema
    Katelyn Pyles
    Brian Bruya, faculty mentor
  • In Defense of Helen Longino’s Theory of Objectivity
    Michaela Repaska
    John Koolage, faculty mentor
  • The Chinese Room Experiment Explained
    Lauren Williams
    John Koolage, faculty mentor