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Michael Doan

Assistant Professor

 702C Pray-Harrold



Ph.D. in Philosophy, Dalhousie University (2014) 

M.A. in Philosophy, The University of Western Ontario (2008)
B.A. in Philosophy, Mount Allison University (2006)  

Professional Associations/Memberships

Representative Courses Taught

PHIL 120: Introduction to Critical Reasoning

PHIL 224: Ethics and Food
PHIL 225: Philosophy & Society
PHIL 325W: Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 330W: History of Philosophy: Ancient
PHIL 427/527: Social Epistemology
PHIL 479/592: Moral Psychology
PHIL 601: First Year Seminar: Social Epistemology


Interests and Expertise

Professor Doan’s central research interests include social epistemology, social and political philosophy, and moral psychology. 
Other areas of teaching and research interest include ethics, history of philosophy, philosophical psychology, and critical philosophy of race.

Selected Publications

"Collective Inaction and Collective Epistemic Agency," in Routledge Handbook of Collective Responsibility, ed. D. Tollefsen and S. Barzagan-Forward. New York, NY: Routledge (forthcoming).

"Resisting Structural Epistemic Injustice," Feminist Philosophical Quarterly 4(4) (2018).

"For an Impure, Antiauthoritarian Ethics," APA Newsletter on Feminism 18(1) (2018).

"Reflections, 2018," in Conversations in Maine: A New Edition, by G. L. Boggs, J. Boggs, F. Paine, and L. Paine. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press (2018).

"Detroit to Flint and Back Again: Solidarity Forever," Critical Sociology (2017).

"Epistemic Injustice and Epistemic Redlining," Ethics and Social Welfare 11(2) (2017).

"Responsibility for Collective Inaction and the Knowledge Condition," Social Epistemology 30(5-6) (2016).

"Relational Solidarity and Climate Change," (with S. Sherwin) in Climate Change and Health: Bioethical Insights into Values and Policy, ed. C. Macpherson. New York: Springer (2016).

"Climate Change and Complacency," Hypatia 29(3) (2014).

"Embodying Autistic Cognition: Towards Re-Conceiving Certain 'Autism-Related' Behavioral Atypicalities as Functional," (with A. Fenton) in The Philosophy of Autism, eds. J. L. Anderson and S. Cushing. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield (2013).

"Paracelsus on Erfahrung and the Wisdom of Praxis," Analecta Hermeneutica (2009).