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As we Follow the Green and White Road this Homecoming we celebrate 97 years of Homecoming tradition at Eastern Michigan University. We celebrate where we have been, and where we are going together as students, staff, alumni, and community. So take this green and white journey with us, as once again we have a week of celebration - from dancing to football, and painting to singing - there is something for everyone to enjoy. This grand annual celebration awaits you here on our beautiful campus. Welcome home. 

Please note! If you are interested in hosting or co-sponsoring a Homecoming event, please contact one of the Homecoming co-chairs by email (see below). Event requests must be received by May 1 to be included in University Homecoming marketing materials. Please see below for further guidelines on Homecoming events.

  • To be considered an official Homecoming event, the organization sponsoring the event must have at least one representative active on the Homecoming committee year-round.

  • Homecoming events must be unique events showcasing the Homecoming spirit and must reflect the EMU Homecoming mission: to support campus engagement and build school spirit.

  • The event must be open to MINIMALLY one of the following groups: all current students; all alumni; all faculty/staff

Get Involved

The Homecoming Committee meets monthly beginning the winter semester. To join the committee, or if you have any additional questions, please contact the Homecoming Co-Chairs:

Caroline Horste (represents Campus Life):
Jessica Nietrzeba (represents Alumni Relations):
Tony Orlando (represents Athletics):