Jieron  M. Robinson

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Assistant Director

The Honors College

 511. W. Forset Ave.


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  • M.A., Educational Leadership-Higher Education/Student Affairs, Eastern Michigan University
  • Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising, Eastern Michigan University
  • B.S., Communication and Business Management, Eastern Michigan University


Jieron Robinson currently serves as the Assistant Director of The Honors College. As the AD, he oversees advising and student services operations and initiatives. He also provides oversight of activities related to recruitment, admissions, student programming, student retention, and college marketing. 

As a double alum of EMU, Jieron strives to create a space that embodies empathy and inclusivity for all, yet challenges students to gain competencies to be effective global citizens. Jieron's mission is to connect Honors students with programming and educational opportunities that support and advocate for the unique academic and social needs of students and communities across The Honors College. His professional philosophy is to take a holistic approach to mentor students through collaboration, research, and opportunities to foster student development.

Prior to returning to EMU in April 2020, he served in a variety of roles at the University of Michigan, Kennesaw State University, and Eastern Michigan University, working in library services, advising, academic success, multicultural services, and equity. 

In his personal time, Jieron loves spending time with his family, and friends!