Meet Our Student Fellows

Our student fellows help increase the footprint The Honors College makes on our campus and in the surrounding community. Student Fellows work as an integral part of our staff through their work on our Honors College Student Success Teams (e.g. Computing, Diversity, Marketing and OutreachProgramming, and Recruiting).

Computing & Technology

Madeeha Zindah

Academic Standing: Senior

Double Major: Computer Science-Applied & Psychology


Marketing & Student Outreach

Brianna Terrell

Academic Standing: Senior

Major: Biology concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology 


Kyle Martin

Academic Standing: Sophomore 

Major: Environmental Science and Society, Interdisciplinary concentration in Environment and Society


Leah Pulice 

Academic Standing: Junior

Major: Interior Design

Minor: Construction Management


Student Engagement

Amory Zhou-Kourvo

Academic Standing: Senior

Major: Secondary Education - Integrated Science Education


Arie Gentry

Academic Standing: Senior

Major: Secondary Education - Mathematics 

Minor: Computer Science 


Catherine Lietz

Academic Standing: Sophomore

Major: Music Performance



Emma Sturm 

Academic Standing: Senior

Double Major: K-12 Instrumental Music Education & K-12 Special Education- Emotional Impairments double major


Jeffrey Hoang

Academic Standing: Junior

Double Major: Political Science & Communication

Minor: Public Relations


Leeann Murdock

Academic Standing: Senior

Double Major: Music Therapy & Women's and Gender Studies 

Minor: Psychology


Nichole Sayer

Academic Standing: Senior

Major: Music Therapy 

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