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 Student Commonsstudent commons

The Honors College Commons is a quiet, comfortable place to study and enjoy each other's company. The large tables make it an ideal place to spread out. It's open Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM.  









main officeThe Main Office

The Main Office is where all of the 'behind the scenes' action takes place. Students come here to meet with Honors faculty, attend advising appointments, and turn in Honors forms. Most of our faculty offices are  

located here.  





      The Wellness Cornerwellness corner 

The Wellness Corner is located underneath the main stairs. It's a great place to relax and unwind if you need to catch your breath and regroup. There's a rocking chair, sofa, and recliner. You can also find helpful wellness resources and handouts.








The Honors College Auditorium is used for many of our ceremonies, including our Induction, Commencement, and Awards ceremonies. It houses our Star Lecture Series and is a wonderful place for musical performances, panel discussions, and presentations. Come see the beautiful stained glass and organ, too.




coffee and tea bar  

Coffee and Tea Bar

We love that we have such a wonderful space for our Honors community to call "home". What home is complete without a few comforts? We have a coffee and tea bar available near the student commons when you need a study break. 









 Reception Roomreception room


The Reception Room is used for a wide range of events and purposes. Many of our programming events happen here, including service events, panel discussions, and meals. We have a large, industrial-size kitchen for events requiring food.