Instead of requiring a main curriculum that all students must follow in order to pursue Honors, The Honors College provides students with the ability to create their own path and take the courses that they find interesting. There are three types of Honors students can earn:

  • University Honors
  • Departmental Honors
  • Highest Honors

One type of Honors is not better than the other but they differ in the scope of work required.

  • University Honors is focused on becoming enriched within the community and gaining a wider, broader, and more open perspective of the world.
  • Departmental Honors is focused on a student's specific major or minor. Departmental Honors students dive deep into research in their own field.
  • Highest Honors is a supplemented combination of University Honors and Departmental Honors.

A student can graduate with one type of Honors, all three, or any combination . It is up to the student to determine which type(s) of Honors [PDF] they would like to pursue and our advisors are here to help steer them in the direction that best fits each individual's interests and needs.

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An important part of our Honors curriculum is Honors Orientation. Students who are coming directly from high school will attend the Honors Orientation that occurs in August. There are also orientations offered throughout the year to current students and transfer students. These can be found on our Honors College Calendar. At Orientation, new students will:

  • Learn the requirements and expectations of being an Honors student.
  • Meet other incoming students and current Honors students.