GEOG 110 World Regions

Course Description: GEOG 110 is designed to increase global awareness by systematically examining major world geographic regions and key places therein. The course is a diverse exploration of the world, with studies focusing on geopolitics, tourism, landscapes, agriculture, economics, history, and culture. Sample topics include the structures of the European Union, the effects of tourism on Middle America, Japan's cultural uniqueness, Ameria's place in the world, and Australia's rabbit problem. This class emphasizes that to be a tolerant global citizen, one must be aware of the weak as well as the strong points of one's own cultural, political and economic realities in the context of global diversity. GEOG 110 is intended as the first step in the development of lifelong geographic literacy. It satisfies the Global Awareness credit of the General Education Program and serves as a great foundation for students interested in the study abroad option of the Honors Program.