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Director, Honors College


Rebecca Sipe; rebecca.sipe@emich.edu


Associate Director, Honors College

John Feldkamp; jfeldkam@emich.edu


Academic Advisor, Honors College

Katherine Augustaitis; kaugustai@emich.edu

Molly Weir; mweir@emich.edu 


Administrative Associate, Honors College

Diane Brinson-Days; dbrinson@emich.edu

Noel Dockett; ndockett@emich.edu


Faculty Fellows, Honors College

Natalie Dove; ndove@emich.edu

Krish Narayanan; knarayana@emich.edu

Suzanne Gray; sgray17@emich.edu

Toni Stokes-Jones; tjones1@emich.edu

Ginnie Harder; vharder1@emich.edu 


Graduate Assistants, Honors College

Lacey Hoffman; lhoffma8@emich.edu

Taylor Lash; tlash2@emich.edu

Caitlin Baumer; cbaumer@emich.edu


Student Fellows, Honors College

View our Student Fellow Directory


The Honors College

Phone: 734.487.0341
Fax: 734.487.0793

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