Admission Requirements


Note: There is no deadline for the application and students may apply at any time.    


Please find the admissions requirements below based on your student type. You should prepare these materials prior to starting your application.


**The references you provide will be prompted for letters of recommendation (if applicable)  

 *The Essay prompt is as follows:        

Please attach an essay describing your academic and personal accomplishments and career goals. Explain how your experiences have prepared you for success at EMU and in Honors coursework. In a concluding statement, express the nature and extent of your proposed commitment to The Honors College.

If you are not a competitive applicant, please explain your circumstances and other characteristics that can demonstrate your ability to succeed in The Honors College.   

Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words, 12-point font with 1-inch margins.                                                                                         

  Presidential Scholarship Competitor

1st Year Student

≥3.5 GPA AND ≥1200 SAT (25 ACT)




1st Year Student 

≤3.5 GPA OR ≤1200 SAT (25 ACT)

Current EMU Student

≥3.5 GPA AND ≥15 EMU Credits


Current EMU Student

≤3.5 GPA OR ≤15 EMU Credits

Transfer Student 

≥3.5 GPA AND ≥15 Transfer Credits


Transfer Student  

≤3.5 GPA OR ≤15 Transfer Credits

Student Contact Information  X X X X X X X
*Personal Essay    X X X X X X

Professional/Academic References (with valid email address)

   X(2) X(2) X(1) X(1) X(1) X(1)
**Letters of Recommendation     X(2)   X(1)   X(1)