Honors Student Organizations and Programs

Black Honors Student Organization

The Black Honors Student Organization is committed to fulfilling the needs of both current and prospective African American Honors students. It promotes unity between all students, providing them with the chance to gain a better understanding of the world around them. BHSO provides career and personal development and gives African American students a voice. The organization strives to improve both the recruitment efforts and retention rates of African American Honors Students and it aids in the cultivation of hard working, goal-oriented, community focused students while seeking to enhance cultural awareness and critical thinking skills. Students who are willing and able to embrace these objectives are highly encouraged to join the Black Honors Student Organization. The BHSO invites you to connect with them on Facebook


Honors Mentoring Program 

The Honors College Mentoring Program pairs incoming students with upperclass Honors students who have similar majors, minors, or interests in order to help incoming students feel confident about transitioning to college.

Why receive a mentor?  

Mentors will be able to offer help and advice regarding many things, such as: 

  • membership in The Honors College 
  • accessing campus information and contact resources
  • exploring clubs, organizations, and ways to get involved
  • planning and balancing time
  • receiving additional academic support
  • effective study techniques
  • contacting advisers for scheduling needs
  • understanding college course expectations
  • other helpful tips (i.e. printing, purchasing textbooks, fun spots on campus)


What members of the program had to say: 

"My mentor has provided me with so much useful info and has made the transition to college easier."

"When I began this program I thought I would meet an upperclassman who would help me academically, but I never thought I would find a lifelong friend; in my mentor I found that, and I couldn't be more grateful."

"My mentor is a very positive and hard working person and took the time to really get to know me."

"My mentor is funny and laid back, which is awesome because Freshman year is so stressful- I could always use a good laugh!"

Are you interested?


Look for emails about the mentoring program as the fall semester approaches or contact Janine Driver at jdriver@emich.edu.

Calling All Commuters! 

Do you commute to campus? The Honors College has programs dedicated to you, too! Keep in touch with us through the Calendar and Commuter blog to know about our commuter-specific Honors events.  

The goal of the Commuter Program is to address the concerns and unique needs of this group and develop a sense of community through involvement on campus. This includes giving non-traditional students and first generation college students more avenues to get the most out of their experience in Honors.

Running Club 


Honors Running Club provides students with a community-oriented environment that has been shown to foster relationships, build connections, provide leadership opportunities and encourage participation in The Honors College. This fun group meets every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:00 PM at The Honors College. Whether you are an experienced runner or you have never ran before, this club is for you.