Physical Wellness Resources


On Campus 


University Health Services

University Health Services (UHS) provides high quality, accessible, affordable health care for Eastern Michigan University students, faculty and staff. 

 Office of Nutrition Services at EMU

The Office of Nutrition Services (ONS) offers a variety of services aimed at improving overall health and restoring or maintaining vitality. Come check out our office and learn about our individual nutrition counseling, nutrient analysis, body composition testing and more! ONS is coordinated by junior and senior dietetic students under the supervision of Allison Jay, Registered Dietitian (RD) and offers services at prices that make it possible for everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle.




This Rec/IM is housed in the 188,000 square foot Olds/Robb Student Recreation/Intramural Complex. The complex is connected to the Warner Building and is the single largest facility in Michigan. 

This is a great place to go exercise, join an intramural sports team, or to take a fitness class. Every EMU student has a membership to the REC and its on-campus location makes it easier to fit in a workout.


Helpful Handouts and Online Resources

10 Sleep Tips (PDF)

Caffeine Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fuel for Finals (PDF)

Choose My Plate on Campus

 Learn about healthy eating with the following resources and take action on your campus by sharing these resources with others. By promoting MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines messages you can help shape the healthy eating culture at your school.  

Harvard Health Publications

 Harvard Health Publications is the media and publishing division of the Harvard Medical School of Harvard University, under the direction of Dr. Gregory Curfman, Editor in Chief. The goal of our publications is to bring people around the world the most current health information that is authoritative, trustworthy, and accessible. To do this, we draw on the expertise of Harvard Medical School’s 11,000+ physicians, researchers, and other faculty members. 

"Top 10 Smart Foods for College Students"

Check out this WebMD article about foods that help your brain to function at its highest level at any time during the school year.