Star Lecture Series

Click on the links below to access the videos of our past Star Lectures. 


2017-2018: Courageous Conversations

2016-2017: With Justice for All?




2015-2016: A Life Well-Lived 


 2014-2015: Pursuing a Life Well-Lived  

  • Dr. Heather Neff: "To Seek a Better and Truer Self: How Concepts of Racial Identity Create, Sustain, and Complicate American Culture 
  • Dr. Kim Schatzel: "Leadership: Styles, Situations, and Self"
  • Dr. Brian Bruya: "What is Effortlessness?" (video unavailable)
  • Dr. Ron Delph: "The Richly Textured Life"
  • Dr. Minnie Bluhm: "Improving the Odds of a Life Well-Lived: Links Between Health and Emotion"
  • Dr. Rebecca Sipe, John Feldkamp, Patrick Barry, Reggie Barnes, Tuong-Vi: "Being Prepared for an Unpredictable Life" 

 2013-2014: Manifestations of Poverty



2012-2013: Just Because We Can, Should We?