Student Involvement

Do you want to get involved? Honors has many programs to help you stay connected with our community of students. No matter what your interests, there's a place for you.

Black Honors Student Organization

The Black Honors Student Organization is a subset student organization within The Honors College dedicated to fulfilling the needs of current and prospective Black students and students of color, as well as promoting unity among all students. The mission of BHSO is to foster and promote a welcoming and inclusive environment within the Honors College at EMU.

We serve as a community that supports, educates, and celebrates all of its diverse members. We also promote and advocate black history, while furthering the uplifting of our community through voluntary services. We are committed to the development of our members by stimulating intellectual, and social growth through our various activities and events.

Book Club

This is a bi-weekly club that meets to discuss a book that everyone is reading. The books are voted on by students who are interested in joining the club each semester. Previous books have included Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, as well as Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Students must purchase their own copy of the book, any further questions can be sent to [email protected].

Common Book Read

Each year, members of the incoming cohort of Honors students all read the same book and come together to discuss this book before classes start. Generally, the book selected relates to the annual theme. Many of our programs throughout the year, including the Star Lecture Series, will address the theme as well. 

Honors College Peer Mentor Program

The Honors College Peer Mentor Program helps incoming Honors students find and achieve their goals within The Honors College and university communities. Peer Mentors are here to help students feel confident and comfortable in their academic pursuits, within campus life, and the college experience in general. The Honors College's goal is to create a collaborative environment between mentors and mentees. Mentors will meet weekly with their mentees during the fall and winter semester in order to aid the students’ adjustment to the academic and living aspects of the college experience. In addition, the program will hold events for all mentors and mentees in order to establish an overall sense of community within the program.

The Wednesday Weekly

The Wednesday Weekly (WW) is a weekly Honors College newsletter sent out at the beginning of every week during fall and winter semesters. The Wednesday Weekly contains important information about Honors College events, opportunities, and deadlines, and other campus-wide announcements that are especially relevant to Honors students at EMU. Students are strongly encouraged to read the Wednesday Weekly, as it is the best source of information about all things Honors at EMU.

pancakes with the dean
Enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast made by the Honors College Dean throughout the year!
pancakes with the dean

Enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast made by the Honors College Dean throughout the year!

Pancakes with the Dean

Throughout the academic year, Dean Eisenberg host Honors students for a morning of her homemade pancakes. Pancakes with the Dean is an opportunity to meet Dr. Eisenberg and share what is on your mind. Dr. Eisenberg enjoys getting to know students in the Honors College so she can hear thoughts on the college or life in general. This is an informal setting to get to know and interact with each other and hear unique perspectives.

Student Employment

Student Fellows play a role in the day-to-day operations of the Honors College while gaining professional skills. Honors students can work on one of many Student Success Teams surrounding Computing, Diversity and Inclusion, Peer Advising, Programming, Marketing and Communications, and Recruitment. 

Workshops and Presentations

Professional Development 

The Honors College partners with the University Advising and Career Development Center to give students an opportunity to grow their professional skills. Throughout the academic year the Honors College hosts many different professional development opportunities for students to attend. Some of these opportunities include resume building, personal branding, interview prep, and more!

Undergraduate Research Workshops

Eastern Michigan University offers outstanding opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research projects with faculty mentors, and these experiences often transform students' college experiences. The Honors College Undergraduate Research Workshop helps students to plan their undergraduate research agenda.

These one hour workshops provide an overview of research opportunities and their benefits for undergraduate students, and provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of participating in research?
  • How do I get started?
  • What are the resources available to support me as I pursue my undergraduate research agenda?

Students in science, technology, engineering and math are encouraged to sign up for the Undergraduate Research Workshop - Science/Tech. General Undergraduate Research Workshops are also available for any Honors student. Attending one of these two workshops is required of all Honors students. Don't delay attending a workshop! Honors students who have earned at least 15 credit hours are encouraged to attend a research workshop to learn about amazing Undergraduate research opportunities available at EMU.

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