Continuing Coverage through COBRA

Eastern offers a continuation of medical/dental plans for employees or their covered family members beyond certain instances where coverage would otherwise end. If the coverage lapses because of a reduction in hours or loss of employment (for reasons other than gross misconduct), you may extend these benefits for up to 18 months. After your loss of coverage, you have 60 days to decide to accept the COBRA plan or let the plan lapse.

If you or your family member become disabled within 60 days of COBRA coverage, you can request an extension of an additional 11 months beyond the 18. If you’re a family member of an employee under the health plan and you lose coverage due to divorce, legal separation, death or you cease to be a dependent child, you can inform EMU and choose continuation for up to 36 months.

You may lose your COBRA coverage if:

  • The premium isn’t paid
  • You become covered under a new group plan and if that coverage contains no pre-existing condition limitation
  • You divorced a covered employee, subsequently remarry and gain coverage from your new spouse.

You can’t get COBRA reinstated once you lose it and you’ll have to pay the entire premium plus a 2% administrative fee. At the end of 18 or 36 month continuation period, you may apply for an individual coverage health plan as provided under the applicable health carrier's plan if it’s available. There’s no individual dental plan.

See the latest COBRA rates [PDF].