Employee Spotlight

Amir Franklin

Amir Franklin


Project Coordinator, MICUP-BEAT

Years at EMU

1 year

Why You Like Working Here

Definitely the students. They remind me of myself when I was a student at EMU, and I like being able to come back and give them the same services and the same kind of help that I received when I was a student. It’s like I came full circle, because I was also a transfer student. I want to make sure that they have what they need to reach their goals and graduate just like I did.

Favorite EMU Moment

When I graduated from EMU. I thought that it would never happen. I never thought I would go to college out of high school and graduate. It took a long, long process to get to that point of figuring out what I wanted to do and what I wanted to study. I always say it’s one thing to get into college but it’s another thing to finish, and being at EMU really drove me to get there.

Favorite Campus Spot

Near the Towers. When I first came to Eastern that’s where I lived. I met a lot of friends and my wife Brittney Franklin there, so I have a lot of good memories there of when I first started here.

Next Goal

At some point I want to get into the Ph.D. program and earn a doctoral degree, and I also want to become a director of a program similar to MICUP-BEAT. As a personal goal, I want to buy a home for my wife and daughter and build that stable environment for them.

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