Employee Spotlight

Amy Mulholland

Amy Mulholland


Director, Learning and Organizational Development

Years at EMU

11 months

Why You Like Working Here

I come from corporate America, primarily automotive, so learning a different work culture has been really exciting for me. Also, working for David Turner is an extreme pleasure as he’s a wonderful leader.

Favorite EMU Moment

We developed a curriculum called “Foundation of Supervision.” While teaching it to our first group, I not only saw a hunger for the information, but that the group was really absorbing the material.

Favorite Campus Spot

I like the Student Center because it has a feeling of energy.


I’m very motivated by my job - I love being responsible for professional development on a campus that is learning-based.

Next Goal

My personal goal is to start exercising a minimum of three days a week at lunch. I also want to get back into golfing. I’ve found in my professional life that I really enjoy building teams and I’d like to continue to grow in that area.

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