Employee Spotlight

Andrew Anders

Andrew Anders


EMU–Online CMS Coordinator

Years at EMU

Four years

Why You Like Working Here

I’m on an awesome team. I have a great working relationship with my boss. He provides a great balance between space and structure so I can work at my full capacity. I like working with the instructional design team and system administrators as well; we’re great at filling in each others' gaps.

Favorite EMU Moment

I got to be a part of a team representing EMU at the InstructureCon Canvas Conference in 2016. We shared an early version of our Big Data project and presented on our transition from our previous online course delivery system, eCollege, to Canvas, our current system.

Favorite Campus Spot

I like the Student Center because it has a feeling of energy.

Super Power

I’d love the wisdom on how to live contentedly and teach others to do the same.

Next Goal

I’m determined to continue my education. I want to keep my momentum going and earn my master’s degree and Ph.D.

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