Employee Spotlight

Ashleigh Willis Spatt

Ashleigh Willis Spatt


Associate Director of Admissions for Marketing and Outreach

Years at EMU

Three years

Why Do You Like Working Here

I love the students. Every day is completely different. I work with the student tour guides so I really get to know them. Every day—in the office or on Zoom with them—reinforces why we’re here. We’re here for the students; we’re here to guide them and provide them with the support they need for whatever career choices they want next. They’re young, they’re vibrant, they’re effervescent. It’s exciting to be around them.

Favorite EMU Moment

At our Admitted Student Reception in January 2019, we had hundreds of admitted students on campus. We were hosting them in the ballroom in the Student Center, and we were about to go off and explore different academic colleges that they were interested in. But before we did that, we had our student tour guides teach them the fight song. I loved watching 15 to 20 of my students teach the new students the fight song.

Favorite Campus Spot

It depends on what I’m looking for. If I want quiet, I love the third floor of the Student Center. If I’m not looking for quiet, then the Admissions Welcome Center, which is where I work. There’s always so much happening.


I'm motivated by the mission of what we’re doing. Not necessarily just here at Eastern Michigan, but in higher education in general. I feel like I’m a part of something big; I feel like I’m a part of something good. At the end of the day, I know that what I’ve done has helped better someone’s life. We’re here to change one life at a time. We’re here to give students opportunities that they might otherwise not have had. It’s with that idea that I come to work everyday and every time I succeed, someone might be positively affected by that.

Surprising Fact

I’m originally from South Africa. I’m an American citizen now, but I’m South African. My accent is fake, because I moved here in the fourth grade, and everyone wants to fit in in the fourth grade, so I changed my accent.


100% flight, because I could go anywhere. It’s kind of like swimming but you can breathe. I could be like, “oh, I’m going somewhere really quickly,” and I can just fly there. Plus, then I could safely travel anywhere I want during COVID.

Interesting/Fun Stay-at-Home Order Activity

I bought a house and moved in late March. Moving during shutdown was neither easy nor fun, but the good news is I've had lots of time to settle in and set up my new space! I also really enjoyed my work-from-home co-worker, Lindy Darling. She was incredibly helpful with all my projects and contributed appropriately to my Zoom meetings.

Next Goal

My next personal goal is I’d really like to get scuba certified, and my next professional goal is I’d like to work more closely with the graduate school to hype up some of the marketing efforts that we’re doing.

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