Employee Spotlight

Benjamin Beaudrie

Benjamin Beaudrie


Lead Production Chef

Years at EMU

Six years

Why You Like Working Here

There are a lot of reasons, especially in the culinary field. Normally, I’d be working nights, weekends and holidays, but here I have a stable schedule. I’m also grateful for the retirement and benefit packages.

Favorite Campus Spot

I like the Lake House because it’s on the water. I wish I could fish there.

Favorite EMU Moment

Anything that’s challenging. There’s a lot of adrenaline in the kitchen. It’s loud, demanding and fast. The second day we opened, there was a record 2,600 people and it was nonstop. We never slowed down.


Being able to take pride in your craftsmanship. I get a lot of satisfaction from creating food people enjoy. I think that’s what cooking is all about. Making people happy. It was a skillset I learned from my Italian family where everything revolved around food.

Surprising Fact

I am a very good dancer. I got that Motown soul.

Next Goal

I’m a car guy and I am in the beginning process of pulling permits to build a big garage at my house.

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