Employee Spotlight

Eric Ward

Eric Ward


Program Coordinator, Student Conduct, Community Standards and Wellness

Years at EMU

14 years

Why You Like Working Here

I’ve worked here for so long. It’s crazy to think what a large portion of my life was dedicated to this place. I like working for EMU and I’m inspired by my colleagues and the faculty. It feels like it fits me.

Favorite Campus Spot

University park, by far. I like hanging out by the lake. It’s a beautiful area to sit, watch the water and relax.


The growth and development I see with our student population. It’s really fun to see a student start as a freshman and watch them grow. I enjoy supervising graduate assistants in our office as they go through their grad program and then become professionals in their field.

Super Power

I was going to say the ability to fly or if I could eat unlimited grilled cheese sandwiches at the Commons on Grilled Cheese Fridays.

Next Goal

Getting my Ph.D. I hope to apply to a program this winter. I’m leaning towards health education or higher education student affairs.

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