Employee Spotlight

Kate Curley employee spotlight

Kate Curley


Coordinator for Student Organizations, Leadership and Campus Life

Years at EMU


Why You Like Working Here

The people. The students are hardworking and grateful. The coworkers I have are innovative, creative and thoughtful. I think the greatest asset of Eastern is its people.

Favorite Campus Spot

There are these two, tall, skinny trees behind the parking structure that I love. I think most people don’t even notice them. One is really straight up and the other is curved in this hilarious way.

Favorite moments at EMU

I teach a three-tiered, multicultural leadership course. First students learn how their identities and values affect their leadership style. Next, they learn how to teach what they just learned and lastly, they teach a first tier section. It's so cool to watch the students grow from tier to tier. I think leadership is about inspiring other people to lead. I love being a part of that.

Surprising Fact

I brought in my 21st birthday under the stars in the Sahara Desert with a camel. It was a really unique way to celebrate.

Next Goal

Something I am continually trying to improve upon is supervising people. Its simultaneously one of the most rewarding and challenging parts of my job.

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