Employee Spotlight

Test Person

Kay Sekerak


Interior Designer

Years at EMU

24 years

Why You Like Working Here

It’s a variety of things. I’m an interior designer but because I work here, I get to do a lot of things I wouldn’t get to do anywhere else. It’s challenging. It’s something different everyday and the people are fun.

Favorite EMU Moment

I would have to say working on the MIAPPA (Michigan Association of Physical Plant Administrators) conference with everyone here in the Physical Plant. We all worked together to host the conference up North and it was fun getting to work with people in a different way. 


My family. Everything my husband and I do is for our family. I believe your family aren't just the people in your home. There are people here that I consider family. I’m inspired and motivated by making sure the people around me are safe, well and happy.

Surprising Fact

I love dogs. We have a new puppy. He’s a newfoundland/black lab. We also have two, 13-year-old dogs that are beagle/highland terriers.


I think I’d like to be like Wonder Woman. I’d like an invisible plane.

Next Goal

I have daily goals, like not consuming sugar and working out more. Eventually, I would like to take more classes but I’m so busy with the kids and work I don’t have time to go back and pursue a master’s degree. My next big goal right now is try to be a better person. I’m always trying to better myself.

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