Employee Spotlight

Lauren Soli

Lauren Soli


Learning Organizational Development and Talent Specialist

Years at EMU

Five years

Why You Like Working Here

There’s a lot to like about working here. I love the people. I feel like it’s a small community where I get to know everybody and we get to support each other to help reach University goals. I feel like it’s a collaborative community operating under a great mission.

Favorite Campus Spot

I love our training spaces here because I feel like that’s indicative of helping not just the students learn and grow, but also our staff and faculty.


My inspiration is simply learning. I am an avid reader. I love learning about leadership or any hot, business topic and helping to create some of those learning moments for others.

Surprising Fact

My husband and I operate a horse boarding facility that keeps us busy. It’s nice to have that as part of our landscape at home. During the winter months, we will have between 20–30 horses boarded at our house.


I would want the superpower of always understanding someone else’s perspective because perspective can often lead to a lot of conflict or it can lead to recognizing your similar experiences.

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