Employee Spotlight

Mary Larkin

Mary Larkin


Program Coordinator, LGBT Resource Center

Years at EMU

Eight years

Why You Like Working Here

I earned both my degrees from Eastern. I just don’t think I would be happy anywhere else. I love the non-traditional diversity of the student body. When I say “non-traditional,” I mean Eastern’s vast student body of parents, people who work full-time, veterans, etc. That makes this community stand out.

Favorite Campus Spot

I really like walking around King Hall because it’s one of the few buildings that still looks the same from twenty years ago. I like the history.

Favorite EMU Moment

It’s a repetitive moment, but I love First Four Orientation. Being able to see all the new students who are going to contribute to campus is really fun.


Students. In this work, things are changing all the time. The students are usually a little ahead of us so, I get my professional development on a daily basis.

Surprising Fact

I iron my clothes every single day, even my jeans and sometimes my t-shirts.

Super Power

We did this as an icebreaker once and this woman sitting next to me said “keeping her life together.” I would like to say that’s my answer.

Next Goal

Travel out of the country. Last summer, I did the historic Route 66 road trip all the way from Illinois to California. It was the coolest thing ever, so now I would like to experience a trip like that but in another country. Maybe return to Greece or visit New Zealand.

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