Employee Spotlight

Matt King

Matt King


eLearning Multimedia Instructional Designer

Years at EMU

Seven years

Why You Like Working Here

I like working here because I get a lot of opportunities to make an impact in a lot of different areas. My job title doesn’t encompass all of the different things that I do for the wide variety of people I work with on this campus. On any given day, I may do something that affects the University administration, faculty and students. I try to say yes to as much as possible and luckily all of the things I get to say yes to are pretty interesting. I feel I have a real impact on the function of the institution.

Favorite EMU Moment

In the work I do for faculty support (helping instructors teach online), there are moments where people who are very intimidated by the process of teaching online suddenly get it and they realize it’s something they can do. Those are my favorite moments.

Favorite Campus Spot

The Olympic weight lifting room at the Rec/IM. Almost nobody knows it exists and it’s always empty. I believe it’s one of the old racquetball courts that got converted into a weight room. What that means is that you can do Olympic weight lifting moves and you can drop the bar (because the floor is padded).


I see myself as part of a mission that has real value to the students that come to EMU. I don’t measure my impact or the impact of my colleges in terms of what we individually provide, but in terms of how much we are contributing to advancing student lives. Giving them the opportunities, the education, training and social skills they need to move forward with their lives and be effective people; and hopefully help them find something that they really love to do as a career. When I get up in the morning, even when I am tired and grumpy, I know that my inbox at work is going to be full of things that actually make a difference. It’s going to solve a problem for a student or faculty member. It’s going to provide somebody a voice that they didn’t have before or it’s going to free someone else up so they focus on their work and advance that mission. I always feel like what I do makes a difference.


“The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.” – Harry Fosdick

Next Goal

This sounds silly and somewhat basic but trying to orient my life so I get eight hours of sleep every night. I feel like it would impact all of my other goals in a positive way.

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