Employee Spotlight

Michelle Henry

Michelle Henry


Director, Graduate Business Programs, College of Business

Years at EMU

13 years

Why You Like Working Here

The students. EMU is such a vibrant, diverse community. Students can come here from anywhere in the world and pursue their dreams of a high quality education, make lifelong friends and flourish. In addition to what they get in the classroom, the exposure to people of differing backgrounds allows them to expand their thinking and take that back into their own communities. I love seeing people leave here having been transformed; it keeps me going.

Favorite Campus Spot

I'm an introvert, so I like quiet and privacy. There's a spot on the edge of campus, next to Pease and near the 9/11 memorial that has a brick patio and benches. It's so serene and pretty there. I haven't been there in a while, but when I go, I don't want to leave.


My daughter. She’s finishing her master's degree at EMU, is a teacher, active in her church, raising two children with her husband and successfully running a household. She works hard to ensure her children are exposed to all the right things and does a lot of home schooling as well. I know a lot of women do these things, but when it's your own daughter, it’s so inspirational to witness.

Surprising Fact

My husband and I are avid dancers. In addition to regularly enjoying classes and events at Dance with Elegance Health and Fitness Studio here in Ypsilanti, we teach an urban ballroom dance class ourselves.

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